Bigi Milano, excelencia italiana en el mundo de la corbata

Bigi Milano, Italian excellence in premium handmade industry.

Good afternoon, dear Atlie customers:

In this post we are going to discover one of the great Italian manufacturers in the world of ties, Bigi Milano.
In 1938, Luigi Draghi, maternal grandfather of Paola and Stefano Bigi, transformed his love for style and sophistication into a tie-making workshop. Since then, the passion for good taste and details has been passed on from generation to generation, giving life to one of the most representative companies in Italy for high quality ties.

Over the years, the company has changed its name, location, size and strategies, evolving and adapting to the demands of the Italian and foreign markets, as well as to the demands of its customers, while preserving the high quality standards and craftsmanship of its products.

Bigi ties originate in Viale Gian Galeazzo in Milan, in a small workshop, the heart of a classical building, which reflects the elegance and sophistication of the products created by the company. An emblematic building located along a perimeter that links all the doors of the old city and is typical of the Milan so loved by the Milanese and by those foreigners who are sensitive to hidden architectural treasures. That Milan that, today, is known as the capital of fashion, that dictates style, and keeps the secret of good taste.

Every year, West Point Manufattura Cravatte Srl produces thousands of handmade ties, exporting its excellence "Made in Italy" all over the world, maintaining a traditional corporate structure, which is also agile and agile. Following the business model established by its founder, all stages of manufacture of the ties are carried out by qualified employees working in the company or at home.

A traditional brand, which follows the tradition of making its ties by hand and in a sustainable process and which brings value to craftsmen in the area of Milan and Como