En Atlie, su seguridad cuando compra por internet es lo primero. Sus datos personales serán tratados de forma confidencial utilizando el RGPD (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos) y están encriptados por medio de SSL. Cumplimos con las normas más estrictas de nuestras certificaciones en cuanto a protección al consumidor y seguridad de datos, pago y envíos.


At Atlie, your safety when shopping online comes first. Your personal data will be treated confidentially using the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations) and are encrypted via SSL. We comply with the strictest standards of our certifications in terms of consumer protection and data security, payment and shipping.

SSL Certificate

All pages are protected using SSL. With the Geo Trust EV certificate, we adopt the highest level of authentication currently offered as an SSL certificate. For you, that means protecting your privacy is our priority.

Best price guarantee

In addition, we guarantee the best price according to Atlie's pricing policy.

If you need your order urgently, we offer the possibility of express shipping. And, if you are not convinced by the purchase, you can return the orders simply and at a reduced cost paid bt the customer(provided that the products or products have not been used and keep without manipulating or cutting all the labels of the manufacturer and Atlie).

There are products that due to their nature and design do not have manufacturer's or Atlie's labels adhered to the product itself, they will not admit exchanges and/or returns. This notice will be included in the product file and the customer will therefore be informed of this situation prior to placing the order for the product.


The Confianza Online or TrustedShops seals are part of the European cataloguing system that designates reliable and secure online stores. These certificates guarantees the following:

- A transparent purchasing process.

- Complete information about expenses, sales contract, delivery, etc.

- Protection of personal data.

- Secure in-store payment.

These seals are only given to shops that withstand intensive tests and pass all criteria in terms of data protection and customer service. The test is carried out annually